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  • 12' Espresso Cart

    This coffee cart maximizes efficiency without compromising design.

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  • 10' Espresso Cart

    Designed for high volume locations including hotels, hospitals, and complexes.

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  • 8.5' Coffee Cart

    A Great Coffee Cart for both mobility and storage space by CoffeeCartBiz

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  • 7' Coffee Cart

    Our most affordable and space efficient design.

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  • 6' Coffee Cart

    Great for locations that don't have a lot of space.

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  • Condiment Cart

    Designed to complement a coffee business.

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To learn more about the components and equipment in the coffee cart featured to the right, use your mouse to hover over each element you are interested in.

10 Foot Coffee Cart


Canvas peaked roof awning with powder coated frame structure. Add custom lettering of business name and built-in lighting (additional).

Security Curtains

Secure your investment during non-operating hours with locking security curtains. Roll down curtains are fabricated with heavy duty zippers and Sunbrella canvas to match the awning (addition).

Bar Splash

Add a custom built-in back bar splash to hide equipment electrical cords from the custom approach of your coffee cart. Back bar splash can also be used for additional display space (addition).

Built-in Ice Box

Countertop ice box with drain sufficient to hold 20 lbs of ice; allows for effortless blended drink preparation (addition).

Espresso Machine

We carry four different lines of espresso machines that can be installed and tested on any coffee cart prior to delivery.


Choose from a selection of grinders to fit your volume and budget.

Brewer Cabinet

Coffee carts come designed w/ a custom brewer compartment. Purchase a brewer and have it installed and tested in your coffee cart prior to shipping.

Slide-out Sink

Maximize your counter space with our signature slide-out sink design. Includes portable waste water tank. Optional three comp. sink addition.

Storage Drawer - Small

Small storage drawer conveniently located under the espresso machine.

Cup Holders

Multiple built-in stainless steel cup holders for multiple cup sizes (addition).

Freshwater tanks

Two portable freshwater tanks with handles and quick disconnect valves.

UCR 48

Enjoy the benefits and convenience of adding a UCF 48 Beverage Air double door refrigeration unit to your coffee cart. This addition is perfect for businesses in high volume locations (addition).

Built-in Pastry Case

With the added usable space of a 10' coffee cart, built-in pastry cases are a popular and attractive addition. Includes multi-level glass shelving, counter top cut-out glass viewing, and lighting (addition).

Coffee Cart Biz, Inc. is the leading manufacturer in fabrication and custom design within the coffee cart and coffee kiosk industry. Coffee Cart Biz Inc. focuses on designing its coffee carts from an operator's viewpoint. Our coffee carts feature additional storage and countertop space when compared to the competition. This allows for an easier coffee making process, increasing efficiency in drink preparation and eliminating clutter. All of Coffee Cart Biz's coffee carts are built 39 inches wide and 43 inches tall, making our coffee carts almost one foot wider than our coffee cart competitors. The additional countertop height provides storage drawers and doors above the operational cabinets. The coffee carts can be plumbed for direct water or portable water to meet the needs for your coffee cart business. Our coffee carts are known for their durability, elegance, and user friendly appeal. offers designs for stationary coffee locations or coffee catering. Customers can choose from hundreds of custom colors to give your own touch to your coffee cart business!