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The Coffee Cart Biz Designer Collection.

Hand crafted in the United States Of America and Inspired by the gleaming detail of 20th century aircraft design. Our Aviation Line is a meticulous masterpiece in patchwork of polished aluminum panels accented with exposed steel screws. The rounded corners and custom drawer pulls give it sleek, aerodynamic lines. These units work well with our custom designed La Marzocco Machines and single cup configurations for a look and service that is found know where else in the world.



(2) 20 amp 110 quad-plex boxes with individual electrical cords Refrigerator: Industry Leading Beverage Air UCR 27 Stainless steel refrigerator with fully adjustable shelving and has 6.2 cubic feet of storage (NSF).
15' of power cords
(8) 110 outlets total Removable Soap Dispenser:Needed for health department codes and sanitary purposes.
(2) GFI Resets End Shelves: Has two 18" end shelves with a decorative rubber molding for durability. Each end shelf is mounted with piano hinges
220 30amp dedicated circuit for a 220 2 group espresso machine. Removable Towel Dispenser:
A dedicated breaker box. Ice Box:This excellent feature gives the business owner the availability to sell iced/blended drinks and smoothies from their espresso bar, increasing menu selection for the customer and profits for the owner.



Height:43" Width:39" Hot Water Heater:2.5 gallon
Storage Area:Built to standard specifications if cart size allows it. Faucet: Goose-neck faucet mounted in the sink deck with increased height accommodations for rinsing out blenders and steaming pitchers or slide out spray rinse system.
Cabinets: 3/4" marine grade plywood and melamine laminate white internally with the external locking cabinet and choice of standard formica colors./td>
Fresh Water Tank: 20 gallons or equivalent self contained fresh water system. Cart size could change tank configuration

Handles:Top of the line chrome handles, designed to create a professional look and feel for your business.
Waste Water Tank: 35 gallon tank or equivalent for waste transportation and removal. Cart size could change tank configuration.

Hinges:Blum high end decorative surface mount hinges allowing for the removal of doors for accessibility.
Hand Washing Sink:Specially designed slide-out NSF approved hand washing sink or counter top mounted hand washing sink
Wheels:4-6" easy roll swivel locking caster wheels for ease of transportation(UL / NSF). Hand Wash Sink:Specially designed slide-out NSF approved hand washing countertop mounted sink.
Countertop and Customer Front View:Heavy Duty decorative Formica laminate with choice of standard formica colors. Water Filtration:: The industryss highest quality commercial water purification unit, with minimum 1 micron, filtration and replaceable cartridges (NSF).
Back Bar Spalsh:Unique custom design hides plumbing and electrical cords from the customer's view. This addition also obstructs the customer's view of underneath the espresso machine, providing a cleaner look and operation from the customer's viewpoint. Water Filtration:: The industryss highest quality commercial water purification unit, with minimum 1 micron, filtration and replaceable cartridges (NSF).
Oak Wood Trim:Solid oak wood trim with choice of stain

Available Sizes:

7' Cart

8.5' Cart

10' Cart

Length: 85"
Width: 39"
Height: 43"

Cart Price: $11,600
Length: 102"
Width: 39"
Height: 43"

Cart Price: $12,800
Length: 120"
Width: 39"
Height: 43"

Cart Price: $13,600
Click to view 7' cart spec sheet Click to view 8.5' cart spec sheet Click to view 10' cart spec sheet
Most Popular Upgrades:


Logo Creation

Custom,built in steaming pitcher rinser.

$295.00 BUY NOW

3 Custom Logo Design Options

$395.00 BUY NOW

Wood Trim Finish

Built-In Ice Box

Add an oak wood trim with your choice of stain to match your business design. This gives the business owner the availability to sell iced/blended drinks and smoothies from their espresso bar.
$750.00 BUY NOW $465.00 BUY NOW

Custom Bar Shelf

Folding Condiment Shelves

The shelf is 5'l x 12"-15"w and adds a unique touch to your business.(Barstools not included)
For additional counterspace.

Call for estimate
$387.00 BUY NOW

Extra GFI 20amp Electrical Outlet

Built-in Custom Menu Sign

A necessary addition for high volume businesses where additional equipment is needed. Custom menu boards built-in to your coffee cart or awning
$105.00 BUY NOW $500.00 BUY NOW

UCR-27 Refrigerator

Power Upgrade

Providing 6-2 cubic feet of refrigerated space, built in and installed into the cart. 60 amp power service upgrade with Nema #14-60p plug, 10 ft of cord exceeding the cart, full breaker panel with 8, 110 outlets and 1 220, 30 amp outlet.
$1,125.00 BUY NOW $195.00 BUY NOW

Built-In Knock Box

Plumbing Upgrade

Improve effiency and customization by having a built-in knock box mounted directly to the countertop near the espresso machine and grinder. Custom oversized fresh water and waste water tank configuration with 60psi water pump, strainer and accumulator tank for maximum pump durability.
$125.00 BUY NOW $185.00 BUY NOW

Locking Cabinet

Built-In Cup Holder

Locking cabinets for each door to secure the business overnight. A cart awning mounted cup holder increases efficiency during the drink making process.
$35.00/per lock BUY NOW $90.00 BUY NOW

Built-In Pastry Case

Espresso Machine Enclosure

This uniquely designed case consists of three shelves and gives the barista availability to display a large assortment of pastries while also taking up minimal counter space. Elegant and durable wood trim with plexiglass enclosures to match your espresso cart.
$1300.00 BUY NOW
To see more Pastry and Grab N' Go cases we carry, click here
$1800.00 BUY NOW

Barista Kit

Opening Inventory

  • (2) Steaming Pitchers
  • (1) Espresso Shot Timer
  • (1) Knock Box
  • (2) Thermometers with Large Dial
  • (3) Shot Glasses (1) Whisk (1) Foam Spoon
  • (1) Baritsa Tool Holder
Coffee, Supplies, Powders, Syrups, Utensils, Tools, Paper Products, and more!
$299.00 BUY NOW $2500.00+ (Call to create your own opening inventory bundle)

Extra 18" Fold Down End Shelf

Track Lighting

Additional end shelves are used for increased storage and are mounted beneath the standard end shelf, giving the barista the availability to display napkins, straws, sugars, etc. The lighting system is uniquely designed to provide the business operator with adequate lighting during those early morning hours, canopy mounted.
$205.00 BUY NOW $385.00 BUY NOW

Water Filter

(Mini) Three-Compartment Sink

Everpure ESO water filter and head for Espresso machine, and brewing system lime scale deposit reduction. The three compartment sink is an excellent option to meet and exceed county health codes.
$112.00BUY NOW $395.00 BUY NOW

Spray Nozzle

Bar Splash

The spray nozzle mounts in the slide-out sink area and gives the operator the availability to rinse out blenders and steaming pitchers with maximum efficiency. Add this unique addition to your coffee cart or kiosk to hide plumbing and electrical cords from the customer's view. This addition also obstructs the customer's view of underneath the espresso machine.

Awning Lettering

Curved Countertop

Add a unique personal touch to your custom cart by printing your business name across the front of your awning. Match your business look or theme by selecting the font and color of the 6" lettering. A curved countertop is a great custom addition which adds style and elegance to the customer approach of your coffee cart business.
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5 Day Training: Business Development and Expansion

4 Day Training: Advanced Barista Training

$2,095 per student
$1,895 per student
$1,650 per student
$1,500 per student

3 Day Training: Basic Barista Training

2 Day Roasting Workshop: Introduction to Roasting

$1,295 per student
$1,195 per student
$995 as an addition to 5 day training

Private Training: System Development Session

Business Plan Package

$950 per student (Must be taken in addition to 3,4, or 5 day training)
$995FREE with the purchase of 5 day training class!!!


Coffee Cart Biz


  • Cart Customization
  • Support & Consulting
  • Health Dept. Proposal
  • Elegant Design
  • Filtration System
  • Plumbing Included
  • Electrical Included
  • State of the Art Training
  • Branding Options
  • Location Proposals
  • Business Plan Package
  • Product and Supplies

  • A One Stop Shop in the Coffee Industry!

    Coffee Cart Biz will personally work with you on designing your dream business, supply you with opening inventory, offer support, and guide you to success with our fool proof training.


    Q: Does a coffee cart include a location?

    A: Coffee Cart Biz Inc.'s complete biz package provides assistance with location selection, negotiation and setting up a complete coffee cart business. Coffee Cart Biz Inc. also provides a location selection package in the consulting section of the web site that was designed to provide assistance in location selection and comes complete with a professional proposal and more.

    Q:I have never served espresso based drinks, can you train me on drink preparation?

    A: Absolutely, when you start a business with you can also choose to have consulting and training. It will consist of in-depth systematic processes in methods of drink preparation with emphasis on quality and consistency. We also include with the purchase of any espresso cart business FREE training on the components of the espresso cart.

    Q: How do I know I will be successful?

    A: It is our goal to provide every business owner with the necessary skills to be successful. Risk is a part of any business venture and the rewards are in direct proportion to the business owner's ability to provide drinks to their customer base and the number of customers they will be serving. is providing you with a business system that has been tested and proven and others are using to generate profits. This is the best way for you to be trained and to be provided with 1000's of hours worth of our hard work, to save you time, money, and reduce risk.

    Q: Where will I get my coffee products?

    A: provides all coffee cart business purchasers with products and coffee at a discounted rate from consumer prices. You will be able to order online and will be provided with a discount code. has the availability to remember recent orders and gives the customer the availability to place the same weekly or monthly order.

    Q: What will I serve from my business?

    A: Many coffee cart businesses sell espresso based drinks, gourmet brewed coffees, blended drinks, smoothies, pastries, bagels, bananas, sodas, orange juice, bottled waters, Snapples, teas, pretzels, yogurt, energy drinks, chips, biscottis, sandwiches, pastas and salads. A trained consultant will assist you in putting together a menu that fits your projections, times of operation and business setup.

    Q: Do you offer a financing or leasing option?

    A: We do, provides leasing options for those who do not have the complete up front investment.

    Q: How do I get started?

    A: The first step is to fill out the information on the web site for your FREE INFORMATIONAL PACKAGE. A representative will contact you and answer any questions you might have and can choose all of your customizing options such as awning colors, cart size, features, wood stains and decor. This is when a representative will assist you in purchasing products and features that best suit your budget, decor and location. Most of all we want to fulfill your vision in creating a business that matches your location and style.

    Q: What separates our carts from the competition?

    A: Coffee Cart Biz Inc. builds all carts from an operators viewpoint. We have operated espresso carts and know some of the problems espresso carts face, such as storage. We build our carts 3 inches wider and 3 inches taller so that you have increased counter and storage space for products. We also provide a slide-out sink compartment to maximize counter space and allow the barista to offer smoothies and blended coffee drinks. provides everything you need to get started, not just the cart but the entire package. Our goal is to make the process of starting an espresso cart business SIMPLE, EASY AND FUN!!!

    We look forward to assisting you in your new business and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.
    (888) 239-9155

    *Answers to questions may vary on size and collection of cart.